How to prepare for the new puppy

How to prepare for the new puppy

Yay! You have decided to finalllyyyy get that sweet puppy you have always dreamed about! We know how exciting this is! You have researched breeds, chosen the one most suitable for you and your lifestyle, and found a reputable breeder (or decided to rescue!), but now what?

The basics – learn from our mistakes!

The most important thing is to ensure the safety of the dog. Little pups after 2-3 months of age are quite mobile and nosy! First of all, you have to think about where you are going to keep the pup – whether you live in a house or an apartment, the surroundings have to be adapted for a dog. Small puppies’ job is to explore, play and sleep! Hide the valuable belongings, and put away small objects that may be swallowed. If you can’t constantly supervise the pup, think about crate training or getting a playpen.

We didn’t think much of it after getting Natsuki – so he managed to find some loose cables that we needed to hide asap, scratched a woven carpet constantly, and when his teeth grew – chewed a wooden table.

What will you need to do?

Before the pup arrives:

  • Safe-proof your place;
  • Find a veterinarian - you may change them later but you need to have one from the beginning for vaccines, microchipping, issuance of passport, and so on;
  • Think of how you are going to transport the pup – in a crate, bag, or maybe you are going to hug them and carry them? Usually, before the puppy has all of the necessary vaccines, it is not recommended to walk on the ground outside.
  • Consult with the breeder – they are the person that has taken care of the mother and the babies, so they should be able to answer all of your questions – what food to get for starters and how often to feed the puppy, what grooming accessories will you need for the specific breed and so on;
  • Get the basic accessories for the new family member – bowls for food and water, mat for under the bowls, a bed and blanket, collar and leash, 2-3 toys, pee pads;
  • Research training methods or find a trainer – after 4 months of age the dog is ready to learn commands and before that the trainer can help with adjusting the puppy to his new home and family, as well as setting basic house rules;

After the pup is home:

  • Horaay! Everything is now a reality when the little one is finally home! Enjoy the pethood!
  • Make sure to leave them to get used to you and their surroundings – everything is new, and they might be scarred… for a few days try to not force the pup to play, do not touch them all the time, and be gentle of course; let thing happen at their own pace;
  • When you see that the puppy is seeking your company or engages more with toys, start paying with them;
  • Now will also be a good time to schedule a vet visit;
  • After you make sure that everything is fine and you have done the obligatory vaccines – try to invite family and friends over to meet the pup – a great socializing experience!

To sum up

Do your research, consult with a breeder & trainer, and let the puppy be a puppy! Be there for them and enjoy every second – they grow up real fast!

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