The most important rules when meeting a dog!

 As a dog owner, have you ever experienced the moment when someone comes to you and starts petting your dog without asking? Have you ever approached a dog without asking?

 I must say that before getting Natsuki, I was one of the people that ALWAYS wanted to pet every dog! Now, I apologize to every owner for this behavior…

 You might say that this is some basic knowledge but although many people know these things, rarely does anyone apply them in practice. So, what to do?

If you don’t have a dog and approach a person with a dog

  • Always greet the person first, not the dog! It may sound funny, but believe me, it has happened to me.
  • Always ask if you can pet the dog – even if the dog approaches you – the canine may be in training, may have some health condition, and so on; Do not assume – ask!
  • If you have a child with you – ask specifically for them – the dog may not be friendly with small children or might be scared of them;
  • Teach kids to not be scared, to act calm in the presence of pets, and to respect the pet and their needs.
  • Slowly show your hand with the palm facing downwards so the dog can sniff you;
  • After that, if the dog goes away – DO NOT go after them to pet! This is your indication that the dog does not want your attention! If the dog shows that they like you, lick you, wag their tail, and so on – Congrats, you just made a furry friend!
  • Remember – if something unpleasant happens the dog owner is, 99% of the time, deemed at fault. However, it may be your actions that triggered the dog’s behavior!
  • NEVER give food or treats without the owner’s permission!

 If you have a dog and approach a person with a dog

  • Greet and ask if it is ok to approach!
  • If there are early signs that the dogs would not tolerate each other – barking, growling – greet the person and move on!
  • It is advisable to always have your dog on a leash (except for a dog park, secluded areas where off-leash is possible) – if the dogs start off friendly but something happens and one of them reacts in any way, you have a leash to quickly pull them aside.
  • Choose carefully the dogs that yours plays with – their safety is your responsibility!
  • As I stated above – NEVER give food or treats without permission!

 In our experience, I must say that the longer we work and train Natsuki – the easier our walks, playing with other dogs, and interaction with people get! Training is a great way to create a bond with your pet, establish rules for a better life together, and to help your pet understand the world we live in!

 In the next post, we will give you some great tips for training success!

 Finally, do not forget to be polite when meeting doggos and their people! As the saying is “A kind word goes a long way!” Respect people and their decisions for their pets.
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